The beginning of a relationship is usually all about getting to know one another, sharing stories far into the night, comparing experiences, triumphs and heartaches, until we know each other inside out.

Not so for Dave and Alena. He’s from London, she’s from Siberia. They meet in a sleek Bond Street department store in the frayed heat of high summer where she’s up to no good and it’s his job to catch her. So begins an unlikely relationship between two people with pasts, with secrets, they’ve no idea how to live with — or leave behind. But despite everything they don’t have in common, all the details they won’t and can’t reveal, they still find themselves fighting with all they’ve got for a future together.

Thirst is the heart-wrenching, life-affirming second novel from Kerry Hudson, whose debut Tony Hogan Brought Me an Ice-cream Float Before He Stole My Ma was one of the most talked about UK debuts of 2012 and was shortlisted for an array of prizes, including the Guardian First Novel Award and the Sky Arts Awards.

Available at all good bookshops and online July 2014

Thirst pack shot

7 responses to “THIRST

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  2. Frank Rabbit

    Ive just read Thirst and I cant find the language to express how wonderful i think it is. Which may be unfortunate as it was a proof copy and Im supposed to be reviewing it! Never fear- The enthusiastic words of profuse praise will come but i just really want write ‘ Read this its brilliant and thats an order! ‘

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  6. I completed reading Thirst, and its beautiful in a dark-twisted way. A love-story which is going to make us smile as well as going to tear us apart with emotions! Kerry Hudson is a master story-teller, I loved the story a lot! It’ll be etched on to my mind for a very long time!

  7. Cath Harris

    Currently reading Thirst after reading review in The Big Issue. The language is wonderful. I find myself speaking Alena’s words in my head. Can’t put it down – reading on the bus, my cigarette break. Will recommend to one and all. You’re going far Ms Kerry Hudson

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